gigpledge for artists

Helping Live Music to grow globally.


How does it work?
  • We provide artists with a free gigpledge homepage.
  • You can choose to set up your own page or we can do it for you 
  • Here you can put your essential details and links to other information such as websites , you tube, facebook etc
  • You will receive a pledge table on which you can  detail  up to 50 towns or cities.
  • As an artist you will also receive a free entry heading on the gig pledge Forum.
  • You then choose if you would like to receive pledges locally, nationally, or worldwide. This of course all depends on your popularity and your ambitions.
  • You set your goals, you decide how many pledges you need and at what price.
  • In turn we then show you what percentage of pledges you have achieved on a real-time basis.  
  • No money is paid by your audience for a show until a venue is booked and a date is confirmed.
  • Your fans and friends can join for free and pledge for your concerts.
  • You can choose to book a gigpledge show with any percentage of pledges sold, not just for 100%.
  • We take nothing from your revenue stream on the night.
  • Finding a suitable venue is up to you, but over time we will be building a list of possible venue choices and local promoters.
  • We also plan to offer gigpledge payback, where (partaking) venues pay a commision to artists based on capacity sold, watch for the payback badge!
  • The rewards are based on your own efforts; the harder you work your page and the more you talk to your fanbase the more shows you can achieve.
  • Once a gig is sold you can start re-pledging immediately for another show at that destination or add a new one. 
  • When you have confirmed a venue and a date you can then contact your audience with this information and pre-sell your show and/or take payment on the door.
  • The details we provide are meant as a guide and are not ticket sales.
  • Any music lovers found to be abusing the gigpledge system will be removed from our membership.
Joining gigpledge is simple.
Joining gigpledge as a basic artist member is free just follow the on screen instructions.

We look forward to welcoming you to

John, Barbara & the gigpledge team