gigpledge for music lovers

Why become a music lover on  


Ever wanted to see your favourite band play in your town? Now this can happen. By joining you will have the chance to bring about a change to the way music operates. You and other like minded fans can help bring a specific band to your chosen destination. 

How does it work?

  • Pledge for your favourite artists to come and play in your local towns and cities.
  • You can peruse gigpledge artist pages and links at your leisure.
  • You can always join other pledges further afield if you would like to see your favourite artists more than once, or just help the cause. 
  • You can place full or optional pledges  (details below)
  • For anything not currently listed on you will have the ability in a few weeks time to create gig pages.This will work for both artists (in areas not 
  • currently listed on their pages ) and for also for artists yet to join us.
  • You will also have the option (where approved) to contact an artist of your choice to request they add a pledge destination to their page should your town or city not be listed.
  • There is nothing for a music lover to pay until a pledge total is reached and a venue is booked. For a full pledge once a venue is booked  the artist (or their appointed agent) will contact you with details of how and when to pay. For an optional pledge should you be available you will just be requested to attend and pay  on the day of the concert.
  • Make new online friends via both our forum and other social media sites. Should other music lovers wish to be contacted directly  they will leave any relevant details in their profile.
  • Artists do have the option to  use pledge information for logistic purposes without always creating live shows.

Joining gigpledge is simple.


Basic Music Lover membership is free, for this you will get 2 full pledges and 2 optional pledges per concert.

Silver membership costs just £10 and will give you access to as many full pledges as you wish and 4 optional pledges per concert.

This  is currently a one-off payment which will give you over the time to come access to a number of gigpledge and partners' benefits.


Full pledges: You agree to pledge for the show and pay for any pledges made once the concert is confirmed.

Optional pledges: You can choose to confirm of cancel your pledge once the concert date and venue is confirmed.



Lots of new ideas will be online soon such as non-gigpledge artist pages, help with arranging live shows in your area

and meeting up with  fellow music lovers.