gigpledge for venues

How can help your venue?

Our aim is to help venues and artists work together. Far too long any income stream from live work has been a battle ground between artists, venues, promoters and others. We hope to provide guidelines that will lead to income for all those involved. It is in everyone's interest for your venue to be commercially and artistically successful. 

How does it work?

  • gigpledge is free to Venues
  • gigpledge gives you the chance to host pre-sold live music events. It gives both your venue and the artist the chance to make money from the word ‘go’ as shows do not take place without an audience.
  • It increases the possibility of being more profitable on days that are traditionally quieter.
  • gives you the chance to work with a whole new range of artists.
  • gigpledge venues will soon be able to offer a payback sheme to performers and therefore cement relationships between artists and venues. You can set capacity limits and as such offer bands payback dependent on their pulling power, giving everyone the incentive to fill the venue to its maximum. Payback is totally at the discretion of the venue but bands will be more attracted to establishments that offer this facility. Any venue offering payback will in turn receive the payback badge of approval on its gigpledge listing.
  • gigpledge gives you the chance to reach a new audience and add to your catchment area. As people discover your venue through they will be keen to find out what else you have to offer and as such your regular clientele will grow.
  • gigpledge takes nothing from your concert revenues.
  • Anyone creating a venue page must be the owner or an authorised representative of the venue.
  • We can create your page for you should you so wish.


We look forward to welcoming you to

The gigpledge team