Frequently Asked Questions on gigpledge

Pledging is easy!  Please find below some questions and answers. Please submit your questions via the contact form if you cannot find your answer to your question on this list.

1) How much are pledges?

Pledges differ from artist to artist. The artist sets the price of the pledge per destination. The details of the pledge cost will be found on the artist's page. 

2) How many pledges are needed to make a concert happen? 

This will vary according to the artist and the size of the venue they plan to play.

3) When do I have to pay?

Only when a venue is confirmed in your town of choice. If a concert is not booked there is nothing to pay. Once a show is confirmed the artist will contact you with payment information.

4) How do I pledge? 

You click on the pledge button. You will then be asked a few relevant questions e.g. size of pledge, i.e. the number of pledges you want to place, location etc. If your city is not listed then you can send an email to the artist and ask him to add your city.

5) How many pledges can I make?

As many as you wish. Music Lovers can pledge anything up to an entire show and obviously the higher the number of pledges and the larger the pledge amount the quicker the show will happen.

7) Is there anything else to pay?

Apart from your agreed pledge there is nothing else to pay. Should you wish to sponsor the band further you can always use the contribution button. 

8) Can I still pledge even if the total required number of pledges to start a show has been reached?

Of course ...the more the merrier:-)

9) How much is it to join gigpledge?

Initially while we are populating the site solo artist and band (artist) membership will be free for the first year.  After the first year the membership fee will be £40 for solo artists and £60 for bands and venues per annum. Basic Music Lover membership is free, silver membership costs just £10 and is currently a one-off payment which will give you over the time to come access to a number of gigpledge and partners' benefit.. Corporate artist membership is also available to record  & management companies who wish to place their rosta with gigpledge.com

10) How do I pay gigpledge.com ?

We work purely with paypal as that is the easiest form of payment procedure on the web. If you have a credit/debit card it is very easy to open a paypal account and you will find it a useful tool as most internet businesses operate using this form of payment .

11) What is the difference between an optional pledge and a full pledge?

An optional pledge gives you the option to choose not to go to the concert should something else demand your attention on that particular day. A full pledge is the ultimate way of supporting the artist guaranteeing them funds whether you can attend or not.

12) What is Payback?

Payback is when a venue agrees to payback monies to a band for providing an audience. The venue has the option to choose the level of payback both in terms of financial reward and level of attendance required. Venues determine their own payback and this will in turn be dsiplayed on their gigpledge page

13)  If I'm on gigpledge. How do I use gighelp? 

It is really your choice, if you haven't got enough time or experience to put a show together then you may wish to involve someone who has. They of course will need to be paid for that service but it can take the stress out of arranging an event and leave you more time to concentrate on the music.

14) I'm in a bigger band why would we need  gigpledge.com? 

gigpledge.com works at all levels. For sure it will help emerging artists discover their true value in the live music scene but it is also of great use to the established act. It is the ultimate tool for finding your fanbase. If for example you are interested in touring Poland and the Baltics you can add some of those cities to your pledge destinations. Through gigpledge you can see how popular you are in new markets and plan your touring schedules accordingly.

15) Does gigpledge take anything from the shows?

No, we are purely fee based.  What you pay in your annual fee is your basic cost. There will be additional fees for extra optional services which we will be adding on over time but we will never take anything from concerts themselves. That is purely between the artists and the venues.

16) My favourite band is not on gigpledge.com

This may well be the case especially during the early stages but that said you do have two options. Obviously the first one is to contact the band and tell them about gigpledge.com and see if they would like to join.  The second option is to start a fan page for your band which we will tell you more about in the near future. 

17) Can artists add more pledge destinations?

Yes, once you have used your 50 pledges you will be able to buy another set of 50 pledges for just £50. This will be possible shortly. Of course once a destination has received sufficient pledges you can replace it with another pledge destination but if you want to expand your horizons then you can in theory have as many pledge destinations as you wish.

18) Is a pledge a ticket or an investment? 

Well in many ways, it is both but primarily it is an investment. If somebody wants to support an artist they can pledge anything up to the full amount the artist has requested. Remember with tickets, prices are generally the same however with pledges it's up to the music lover to decide how much they would like to support you. Another option an Artist has is to raise the cost of pledges but to reduce the amount needed they should think that a smaller number of loyal fans would pay more to see them at any given destination.

19) How do I get to be a Featured Artist? 

Initially while we are in beta test mode the site will feature artists at random.

20) Can I advertise with GigPledge?

Advertising will commence soon once we have moved past the beta test stage. Advertising will be available to Music Biz clients and featured artists and events. General advertising will also be available throughout the site to related and non related products.

21) Are there more undiscovered FAQs?

Without doubt and as we grow and gain feedback from our client base we will add relevant questions to this section.


The FAQ is not binding.