Site Credits

Please find here the people who contribute/d in some way or another to this site!

Thanks to everyone involved.  Thanks to everyone also those not listed who contributed in one way or another.


Internet Agency riversite, 

Design & Artwork Froschgift, Paul Schönpflug

Artwork, Deborah Matthews

Meantime Media Limited, Luke Billing 

Martin Frosty Beedle and Steve Rispin from Lifesigns for ongoing support.  

Preiskel & Co LLP 

Bands/Musicians in Videos: 

Lifesigns, The Crunch, John Young Band, Riddim Posse, Dancing Lotus, I Swim With Sharks, Smells Like Grandma, Martin Frosty Beedle

Additional Photography, VIdeo : 

Geoff Paddock, Martin Reijman, Mike Franklin, Chris Alexander, Chris Harrower, John Price, Pepin Clout, Pit Schönpflug. 


Brigitte Reimer, Valentina Pianezzi, Emma Brown, Pit Schoenpflug, Uwe Schwarz. 

Please let us know if you should be on this list.